The owners

We have lived in Taiwan for many years, shifting to Singapore around 10 years ago. Having been in both countries for a long time, coupled with our interest in culinary, we draw on a large amount of experience in creating dishes popular in both cultures. You can experience authentic Taiwanese and Singaporean flavors in our food. We also enjoy exploring the different ways to create innovative dishes that remain true to each culture.

我们居住台湾 20 多年,喜欢上了台湾的素食。 由于觉得它的口味和本地素食稍有不同,所以就把它引入本地。希望大家来支持品尝,相信你会喜欢上台式素食。

Su Xin Zhai

We will begin operating in Yishun (Singapore) in December 2016. Here is our detailed location.

You can look forward to tasting delicious soup-based dishes like “Mee Hoon Kueh”, “Shui Jiao Mian” and “Dang Gui Mian Xian” (a favourite among our customers!). There are also different types of fried rice, from our innovative Bean Paste Fried Rice to Taiwanese-flavored “Xiang Chun” Fried Rice. Not forgetting our Singaporean favorite: Curry rice. You can find a list of our dishes in this website.

All our dishes are vegetarian. You can look forward to a nutritious and well-balanced meal with varied ingredients, such as spinach, corn and mushrooms in one dish. Our ingredients are definitely fresh and of good quality.